The word doula comes from ancient Greece, and translates to 'Women's Servant'. A Doula is a trained, non medical birth support companion. A Doula provides continuous physical, emotional and spiritual support to the birthing mother, her partner and the birthing family.

"Studies show that when Doulas attend birth, labours' are shorter with few complications and lower intervention rates. Babies are healthier and they breastfeed more easily. Mothers have lower rates of depression and higher self esteem"  How amazing is that!


Prenatal &   Birth    Doula




Whether it's your first or your seventh birth, every one is unique and deserves to be nurtured.

 Studies have shown having doula support shortens childbirth, mum has a better birthing experience, and there is a reduced request for pain medications, lower intervention rates and fewer epidurals and caesareans. This positive experience leads to healthier babies that are breastfeed more easily, and mothers having much lower rates of depression and higher self esteem entering parenthood.

As a doula I'm here to support mum, partner and the family navigate through the whole experience. I will help educate you on stages of labour, ways in which you can help your body and baby work together during labour, natural pain management options, relaxation methods, and empower you to create the best experience you can for yourself and your baby. Once in labour, I assist the birthing mother by using natural pain relief techniques, massage, encouragement, relaxation, breathing tools and other natural comfort measures. 

Sometimes mother nature has her own ideas, and that's ok. My role is to also help prepare you for the unpredictable nature of birth, so you feel educated, in control and have a voice regarding what is happening to you.

Through techniques and exercises, a doula I can help potentially shorten labour, bring much comfort to mum through out pregnancy and labour, and help baby get into the best position for a easier birth. Hiring a doula means you and your partner are able to absorb the birth experience.

Once your baby arrives, I will spend time supporting early breastfeeding and helping you settle into parent hood.

I will also help your partner feel confident and educated to be the best support person he or she can be while assisting you in your birth.


A Doula is different to a Midwife. A Midwife has an amazing role as a medically trained professional to ensure the health and wellbeing of your baby is taken care of, she will track your labour and spend her time monitoring your birth.


My role is to work alongside your family and birthing team




I offer a complimentary interview to meet and get to know each other, connect, and discuss your needs. It is important for you to feel relaxed and comfortable with me before I become a part of your birth team. I only take 2 clients per month so you can be assured you will receive my utmost attention.


  • We will then have 3x 90minute prenatal meetings.

  • I'll be on 24hour call 2 weeks before your EDD

  • Once your labour starts I’ll join you whenever you are ready for me to be there, and I will remain by your side throughout the entirety of your birth, and for a few hours after helping you settle in.

  • Then 2 visits in the 4 weeks after the birth to offer settling in support.

  • During this visit we will reflect on your birth story and birth experience. I will also provide resources, recommendations, and referrals for postnatal support, if desired.

  • If you need extra support then I'm there for you.

Postpartum       Doula



The first weeks of the postnatal period are filled with wonder as you marvel at your newborn baby. Its a huge time of transition for your family and can bring lots of unexpected feelings, emotions and questions as you get used to life with a newborn. It can also be an extremely challenging time for new families. As a postpartum doula I come into your home and support you and your family as you adjust to your new role. This support can be in many different ways and as simple as holding your baby so you can get some rest, take a shower or spend some time with your other children. I provide non judgemental support and education on settling baby, I can provide information on postpartum issues, guidance with newborn care and feeding, sibling care, breastfeeding support and tips, emotional support and helping establish routines, emotional and physical recovery from childbirth, and coping skills for new parents. I can also help with community support if needed Basically your user manual for your growing family.

When new parents have support they feel confident and show more success in adapting to parenthood.

Similar to having a birth doula, studies have shown that women who have a postpartum doula and feel supported have greater breastfeeding success, greater confidence, less postpartum depression and a lower incidence of abuse than those who were not supported.

During these visits we will reflect on your birth story and birth experience. I am there to offer support to the new family, specifically guidance and fostering the emotional health of the new mother. I will also provide resources, recommendations, and referrals for postnatal support, if desired.


I offer a complimentary interview to meet and get to know each other, and discuss your needs. It is important for you to feel relaxed and comfortable with me before I become a part of your postpartum team.

As your postpartum Doula I will provide you with on going support surrounding breastfeeding, settling baby, postpartum issues, bathing baby, meal prep, light household duties, swaddling, mothers recovery and more.


Package 0ne:

Includes up to 5 postnatal visits over 12 weeks, 2 hour minimum each visit.


Package Two:

Includes up to 10 postnatal visits over twelve weeks, 2 hour minimum each visit.

"I didn’t really know what it would mean to have a doula, but having Jo by my side made a difference to my experience of giving birth in ways I could not have imagined. Jo is incredibly easy to talk to – she is also honest, straight-forward, grounded, warm and extremely reliable. I really felt like she had my back the whole way. My partner was of course supportive too, but there were things only Jo could support me with by virtue of the fact that she is a woman and knows exactly what it means to be pregnant and give birth. Jo had three natural, un-medicated births herself, and so she knew exactly how to support me through the sheer pain of childbirth. She gave me massage, including Rebozo, helped set up the birthing pool, put affirmations up on the walls, gave me constant emotional support and encouragement including at times when I didn’t think I could do it, and even gave me a container the throw up into when I needed it! She was right there by my side holding me while I was pushing out my daughter. This was the most raw, primal moment of my life and Jo had the beauty, grace and poise to know exactly how to honour this moment with me. I am eternally grateful to her." (Angela Mother)

Client Love

"Jo was amazing. Frankly I don’t know how a partner would do it without a Doula there. So many responsibilities fall to you as the partner of the mother and it was so much easier having someone else to shoulder that burden, and Jo knew exactly how to do it too. Everything from holding Angela while she pushed to reassuring her that she could do it, to helping us think through some tricky decisions that came up along the way. I had someone I could turn to at a time when my partner needed me to be the strong one. It’s pretty intense, especially the first time around, and having someone who could share the load in terms of practical help, perspective, experience and a sense of humour was invaluable. Can’t recommend Jo highly enough"  (Tejopala,Father)

"When I met Jo I had never heard of a birth doula before and would never have thought of looking for one.  But I am so grateful that I met her, learned about the service that doulas provide and that she was my doula.  She was such a positive and calming influence for both me and my husband.  In the time leading up to the birth she was supportive with birth plans, stretches and other preparations for the birth.  On the day of the birth having her with me as my birthing partner turned out to be one of the best choices I had made, she was  very calming and supportive which helped me remain relaxed.  When things did not go as I hoped with my birthing plan Jo made sure I got all the information from the doctors and that I had the time and clarity to think it all through and make the right choice.  She made me feel in control of what happened and was right there with me for the whole process.  After the birth Jo was amazing with follow up and support with all the questions that new parents might suddenly have.  I am very thankful that I met Jo and had her with me for this experience" (Megan, Mother)


Meet Jo


Whatever your reason for finding your way to my website, I salute your curiosity and desire to know more about the important work of having babies. I wish you all the best 


Hi I'm Jo, I have been an Early Childhood Educator for the past 20 years. I have always loved a role in life where I can nurture and care for others. Once becoming a mother myself, that role evolved into wanting to care for new and expectant mothers also. I have 3 children of my own now, 3 energetic and courageous, beautiful boys. Their entry into the world was an amazing experience I will never forget. It's through my love for children, the desire to help and support mums during pregnancy and birth, and my experiences having my own beautiful births which has lead me to becoming a Doula.

Embarking on my Doula journey has me very excited that I will be able to help and support mums, partners and their families as they approach the birth of their baby with confidence in themselves and a peaceful mind,

Having a Doula means you don't ever have to feel alone on your journey. I will offer continuous support, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I want you feeling powerful and educated leading up to and during your birth and beyond. I want you feeling relaxed and in control!  Giving birth is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life, it's a sacred time of transformation, lets make it a good one.

 I support all births, with a judgement free approach.


"If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it" Dr. John Kennell.



For more information please contact me for a no obligation chat and prices.

Joelene Buchan


New Zealand


Facebook: @Coromandeldoula

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